About Me

About Me

So here's the PixelLogia story. I bought my first DSLR about 5 years ago. At the time I never thought that I'd ever be doing this. By education I'm an engineer, by temperment I'm an introvert. This makes a public website for art something that I wouldn't exactly describe as being in my wheelhouse. Yet, here I am.

My path from geek with a camera to geek with a photography website wasn't really a planned course. I must have been suffering from some existential crisis or maybe I lost a bet. In any case I stepped out of my comfort zone and submitted a portfolio to display some photography. I considered that the end of it, but the photos were accepted. And with a few steps in between, that brings us here.

I hope that you like what you see. If not, there are lots of other photography sites out there, I'm sure that you can find something that is up your alley. Come back and check out my page in the future, I will add new photos from time to time and I'll probably write some other stuff if reading is your thing.

Have a good one.